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Eingestellt: 03.02.21 | Besuche: 2109

Europäische Kommission kündigt Pläne für den Start von Horizon Europe an

Am 2. Februar gab die Europäische Kommission ihre Pläne für den Start von Horizon Europe bekannt. In einem Essay für Science|Business, fasst Marija Iwanowa Gabriel, EU-Kommissarin für Forschung, Innovation, Bildung, Kultur und Jugend, die Ziele dieses Programms für Forschung & Entwicklung zusammen.

„... Through six clusters focused on the full spectrum of global challenges, Horizon Europe will boost the creation of new knowledge and breakthrough innovation in areas such as health, climate, digital, energy and mobility, food, agriculture and biodiversity, culture and creativity, civil security, industry and space. For example, the health cluster will tackle challenges such as the coronavirus pandemic, extension of clinical trials, vaccines, treatments and diagnostics, and the translation of research findings into public health policy measures.

For the first time, Horizon Europe will have a strong focus on harnessing the full potential of research and innovation in the cultural and creative sectors, as well as its contribution to European innovation. To preserve and promote Europe’s cultural wealth, it envisages the creation of a Cultural Heritage Digital Collaboration Space...“

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