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Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS)

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CHEPS is a research centre at the School of Management and Governance, University of Twente, the Netherlands. CHEPS’ research has an established international reputation in the field of higher education studies and the areas of changing relationships between higher education and government and higher education and its stakeholders. CHEPS also offers various educational programmes and has a strong involvement in policy advice and consultancy.

The CHEPS Research Profile
The overarching theme of our research programme addresses the dynamics of the ‘Transformation of Higher Education and Research in the Knowledge Society’. This theme stresses the ongoing reformulation of the function of higher education and research to play an important role in strengthening modern societies’ innovative capacities. All basic functions - research, teaching, scholarship and the ‘third mission’ – are subjected to revisions in both their objectives and in the conditions under which they are carried out. Universities and colleges find themselves in a changing environment with sometimes competing claims from governments, markets, interest groups and stakeholders. The broader theme is subdivided into four research clusters:

1) the reformulation of the cultural and economic role of higher education in society:
The Transformation of the social contract;
2) the dynamic modes of governing higher education and research:
The Transformation of coordination;
3) the changing patterns of stratification and networking in higher education and with
other stakeholders: The Transformation of the organisational field, and
4) the developments inside the higher education organisations:
The Transformation of the professional organisation.

Policy Advice, Training and Consultancy
CHEPS has a significant involvement in policy advice, training and consultancy since its inception. This has been driven both by our own perspective on the role of CHEPS and by a clear demand for such projects within the higher education community.

At CHEPS we are committed to the wide dissemination of our research findings, and to contributing to the practical resolution of key challenges and problems in the area of higher education. This means that in addition to our frequent contributions to the academic literature and to international conferences, we regularly organise workshops and seminars, undertake specific training, policy related projects and consultancy projects.

Within the higher education community there has been a growing interest in the potential applicability of our research-generated insights to the challenges experienced by ministries and institutional management in running modern higher education organisations. This has resulted in related activities at CHEPS having a wide scope - both in terms of their focus, and in terms of their international outreach.

Our Education Programmes
CHEPS offers educational programmes in various places and at different levels in order to develop a new cadre of higher education researchers and experts to meet the challenges of contemporary society that is increasingly dependent on knowledge production and transfer.
CHEPS offers Bachelor courses at the University of Twente on ‘Higher Education in a European Perspective’ and ‘Education in Developing Countries’, a Master track on ‘Public administration and Higher Education’ as well as a PhD programme. Further, CHEPS is involved in various international Master programmes in the field of higher Education.


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