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66/2022 Full Professorship (W3) for Moral Theology (f/m/d)

Kontakt: Prof. Dr. Jörg Seiler
Ort: 99105 Erfurt
Web:… Bewerbungsfrist: 28.02.23

reference number 66/2022

At the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Erfurt, the following professorship is to be filled as of 1 April 2024:

Full Professorship (W3) for Moral Theology (f/m/d)

Area of Responsibility
The position holder is responsible for the subject of Moral Theology in its relevant breadth in research and teaching. The professor participates in the teaching of all study programs offered by the Faculty of Catholic Theology, including those for continuous education, and cooperates in research and teaching with other faculties and institutions of the university, in particular within the university's research focal area of “Religion. Society. Relationship to the World”. The professor actively engages within the framework of the strategy for internationalization of the University of Erfurt.

What we expect
Besides the general administrative requirements, proof must be provided that the requirements for employment as per § 84 of the Thuringian Higher Education Act (Thüringer Hochschulgesetz) are fulfilled. Furthermore, the provisions of the concordat between the Holy See and the Free State of Thuringia of 19 November 2002 apply.

  • Recruitment requirements include a successfully completed academic study of Catholic theology (“Diplom”, Magister Theologiae, or equivalent degree), the special qualification to engage in academic research, which is usually proven by way of a doctorate in Catholic theology, as well as through additional academic achievements in the field of the advertised professorship. These additional academic achievements are demonstrated by a habilitation in moral theology / theological ethics or through equivalent academic achievements, for example in the context of a junior professorship.
  • The applicant has well founded knowledge and experience in university education and its didactics, which is documented by certificates for higher education and/or evaluations.
  • The applicant is expected to participate in quality control and development of study programs of the faculty.
  • The applicant has experience in academic self-governance.
  • International experience in teaching and/or research are expected. The applicant has the necessary skills to initiate new international cooperations for the faculty and the university.
  • The acquisition of external funding is desirable.
  • Expected is the ability and willingness to network with the other academic subjects at the University of Erfurt.
  • Expected is the ability and willingness to take into account the specific situation in the secular society in research and teaching and to represent an ethics capable of pluralism.
  • Applicants are expected to have proficiency in German of at least B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. In addition, the competence level of the successful applicant is expected to be at least C1 after three years.

What we offer
The University of Erfurt is audited as a "familiengerechte hochschule" and promotes the compatibility of career and family. It offers dual careers, a wide range of further training opportunities and coaching as well as health and prevention services as part of occupational health management.

Comments / Remarks
The German version of this vacancy notice alone shall be legally binding.

It should be noted that, in case of a first appointment to a professorial position, the employment may be for a fixed-term only. Further details are stipulated in § 86 of the Thuringian Higher Education Act (Thüringer Hochschulgesetz).

The University of Erfurt is committed to diversity and gender equality and has received the title "Gleichstellung ausgezeichnet" in the female professors' program of the federal and state governments. Increasing the proportion of women in research and teaching is one of the strategic goals of the university. Qualified female Academics are explicitly invited to apply. Severely disabled applicants and those who are equivalent to them are given preferential consideration in the event of equal aptitude, academic performance, and ability.

Part-time employment is possible in general. The extent to which a request for part-time work can be met, especially with regard to the time and extent of the part-time work, must be checked on a case-by-case basis.

In the event of an appointment, the university expects the professor to reside in or near Erfurt. Participation in the interdisciplinary and partially English-language teaching program, including the Studium Fundamentale, is expected.

Application Deadline
The application must contain all pertinent documents (letter of application including research interests and intended research projects, curriculum vitae, list of publications and courses taught, report on previous research activities financed through third-party funding, overview of previous lectures and courses as well as copies of certificates of academic examinations and appointments in particular the habilitation). It is to be submitted prefered by e-mail, mentioning the reference number of the advertised position, until 28 February 2023 to:

University of Erfurt • The Dean of the Faculty of Catholic Theology • Prof. Dr. Jörg Seiler • Postfach 90 02 21 • 99105 Erfurt • e-mail:

Please note that the system cannot process electronic applications that exceed 15 MB.

Data protection
The University of Erfurt uses an e-mail system with transport encryption capabilities. Please send your e-mails with transport encryption, too. If you wish to encrypt the content of your e-mail further, please use the following e-mail address instead of the one provided above: The certificate containing the public key you need to send an encrypted e-mail to that address is available at If you choose not to encrypt your e-mail using the certificate, we cannot guarantee that the content of your e-mail will be encrypted at all.

In sending your application files in electronic form, you agree to having your e-mail scanned for harmful coding, viruses and spam, to the temporary saving of the necessary data of your correspondence and to the conducting of further correspondence via e-mail without further encryption.

By submitting your application, you also agree to the further processing of the submitted personal data within the application process. This agreement can be withdrawn at any point in written or electronic form, without specifying your reasons. Please note that withdrawal of your agreement may lead to your application not being further considered for the position applied for.

The further information on data protection in accordance with Art. 13 EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) can be found in the information sheet ("Privacy Notices for Applicants") on our website under

Reimbursement of Expenses
The University of Erfurt will not reimburse any costs related to the application.

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