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Professional Leadership in Science - englisch

Veranstalter: Zentrum für Wissenschaftsmanagement e.V. (ZWM)
Ort: Online, Stuttgart, Berlin, Essen, Online
Start: 17.10.23 Ende: 06.02.24


Professional Leadership in Science is the ZWM's innovative, first-class development program for experienced managers in the science system. It is designed for people in management positions with personnel and ideally also budget responsibility with at least one year of management experience. The program focuses on the future management challenges of the modern working world and offers participants an interactive learning and development space for the targeted acquisition of the necessary skills.

The focal points of the modular program are based on the following core competencies:

Self management („Lead Self“): Develop awareness of your own values and strengths to create space for personal growth, leave your comfort zone, and take risks

Team development („Lead Team“): Deal with emotions, team dynamics and conflicts with confidence, overcome silo thinking, and develop a sense of unity

Organisational development („Lead Organisation“): Embody the mission statement and common values, boldly promote strategies and changes, and enable long-term personnel development

The special leadership challenges in scientific institutions (e.g. leadership in matrix structures, committees and expert groups, lateral leadership) as well as the requirements of modern working environments (e.g. agile leadership, new work, hybrid leadership) form a consistent frame of reference. Based on systematic reflection on these challenges, effective management methods and tools are taught and illustrated using best practice examples from scientific institutions.

The course is based on an integrated learning and development process consisting of the following elements:

  • Joint kick-off (online) to introduce the goals, structure, and process of the program
  • Identifying of a personal development goal (if possible in coordination with one's own supervisor) – reviewing goal achievement at the end of the process
  • Three 2-day face-to-face training sessions on the program's three main areas of competence (lead self, lead team, lead organization) – including fireside chats with selected top executives from scientific institutions
  • Working in learning partnerships to effectively deepen and apply the know-how acquired
  • Individual transfer exercises with or without reference to the personal development goal
  • Additional self-study units on our Blink-It learning platform
  • Joint de-brief (online) to assess learning success and the impact on leadership behavior
  • Mentoring (voluntary) – the ZWM places selected top executives with many years of experience as mentors on an individual basis (mentoring guide)

In addition to the trainers´ technical and methodical input, the program focuses on interaction between the participants, the mutual exchange of experiences, and peer-to-peer advice. Last but not least, the participants expand their professional network.

The participants …

  • reflect on the future leadership challenges in universities and scientific institutions, taking into account modern, agile and digital working environments,
  • sharpen their own self-image as leaders in the science system,
  • expand their personal leadership skills in a targeted manner,
  • learn and apply innovative methods and instruments of effective leadership in modern working environments,
  • use the mutual exchange for beneficial knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer advice, and the expansion of their own professional network.

Module Content

Module 1: Self management („Lead Self“)
Understand yourself better (personality, values, work-life balance) | Leadership personality and leadership role | Leadership challenges in science | Leadership challenges in the modern working world | Leadership behavior and leadership principles | Know your own strengths and develop your own leadership style | Build confidence in dealing with emotions | Self-management

Module 2: Team development („Lead Team“)
Understand teams and team dynamics better | Success factors for successful teamwork |  Promote a sense of togetherness and develop a positive performance culture | Structure and conduct discussions with employees well | Feedforward instead of feedback | Master difficult situations and conflicts | Lateral leadership | Leadership in expert groups and committees |  Hybrid leadership

Module 3: Organisational development („Lead Organisation“)
Recognize and take up strategic challenges in your own area | Define and drive change projects | Leadership in change management | Develop creative solutions (design thinking) |  Authentically embody the mission statement and common values | Long-term personnel and organisational development | Agile attitude | Transformational leadership

Your personal background
Professional Leadership in Science is designed for people in management positions in the science system with personnel and ideally also budget responsibility with at least one year of management experience.

Dates and locations

17.10.2023 (03:00 p.m. - 05:00 p.m.)    Kick-Off , Online
Module 1    08.11.-09.11.2023    Self management („Lead Self“)    
                     Motel One Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof, Stuttgart
Module 2    13.12.-14.12.2023    Team development („Lead Team“)    
                     Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus, Berlin
Module 3    17.01.-18.01.2024    Organisational development („Lead Organisation“)    
                     Hotel Franz, Essen
 06.02.2024    De-brief (03:00 p.m. - 05:00 p.m.), Online


Trainers from WANDELPLAN GmbH, Alzenau

WANDELPLAN (formerly Institut Almut Probst) has been working successfully with the ZWM for more than ten years in the areas of leadership, communication, organizational development and change management. It stands for first-class professionalism and a well-founded reference to the science sector.

Course fee 3.090 €
For ZWM members 2.472 €
Gross meeting allowance 495 € (subsistence without breakfast and hotel accommodation)

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