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Tag: "policy"
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von Tia Loukkola | 14.03.14
European Quality Assurance from a policy perspective: where did we come from, where are we heading?

The article presents some key developments in quality assurance (QA) on a European level over the last ten years. Particular attention is paid to discussing the impact of European QA policies (e.g. the European Standards & Guidelines) at the...

von Prof. Dr. Barbara Kehm | 19.05.14
Global University Rankings — Impacts and Unintended Side Effects

This article begins with a critical assessment of the impacts of rankings on the European and national landscapes of higher education and analyses their unintended side effects on organisational behaviour of universities. It makes an attempt to...

von Prof. Dr. Jürgen Enders | 23.08.12
Introduction to a special issue: Academic knowledge production, diffusion and commercialization: policies, practices and perspectives

This special issue is a bridging effort to bring together science policy and academic research productivity analysis by focusing on knowledge production, diffusion and commercialization policies and practices. The discussion addresses two major...

von Prof. Dr. Jürgen Enders | 07.05.09
Lines of Change in the Discourse on Quality Assurance: An Overview of Some Studies into What Impacts Improvement (Don F. Westerheijden, Veerle Hulpiau & Kim Waeytens)

Attention shifted in recent years from design and implementation to use and usefulness of quality
assurance. Scientific studies focus increasingly on quality assurance’s impact on curricula and
on individual teachers. Which (f)actors...

von Frank Scholze | 05.01.11
Open Access-Strategie des KIT

Der Beitrag beschreibt die strategischen Überlegungen bei der Implementierung von Open Access an einer Institution international herausragender Forschung und Lehre in den Natur- und Ingenieurwissenschaften. Darüber hinaus wird ein Einblick in die...

von Prof. Dr. Jürgen Enders | 23.08.12
Quality-related funding, performance agreements and profiling in higher education - An international comparative study

This report provides an overview of relevant policy information and stakeholders’ views on quality-related funding, performance agreements and profiling in a number of selected countries. The study is conducted for the Dutch Ministry of Education...

von Prof. Dr. Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker | 26.08.08
The funding instruments of the European Research Council

The grants of the European Research Council (ERC) aim to support »frontier research«. In other words, they encourage the pursuit of questions at or beyond the frontiers of knowledge, without regard for established disciplinary boundaries. ERC...