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Tag: "mobility"
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von Dr. Irene Jansen | 20.08.08
Brain Bank Asia

Als »Brain Bank Asia« beschreibt Irene Jansen die asiatische Hochschullandschaft. Gerade China, Indien, Singapur und Japan seien die »new knowledge producing powerhouses in Asia«. In ihrer Präsentation stellt sie Eckdaten einiger asiatischer...

von Michael Leszczensky | 04.09.08
Eurostudent III – Current situation, results and future prospects

Eurostudent III is a transnational survey with high policy relevance. Its three main goals can be summarised as follows: to deliver comparable key data and basic information in order to describe and map the socio-economic living conditions of...

von Dr. Andreas Schleicher | 21.08.08
International rankings of universities: The Holy Grail or the Alchemists’ stone?

What do the holy grail and university rankings have in common? The very possession of them does not produce unbounded wealth. Departing from this metaphor, Andreas Schleicher engages in a fundamental critique of university rankings. As he points...