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von Tia Loukkola | 14.03.14
European Quality Assurance from a policy perspective: where did we come from, where are we heading?

The article presents some key developments in quality assurance (QA) on a European level over the last ten years. Particular attention is paid to discussing the impact of European QA policies (e.g. the European Standards & Guidelines) at the...

von Professor Tero Erkkilä | 21.05.14
Global University Rankings,Transnational Policy Discourse and Higher Education in Europe

Global university rankings have portrayed European higher education institutions in varying lights, leading to intense reflection on the figures on the EU and national levels alike. The rankings have helped to construct a policy problem of ‘...

von Nathalie Lugano | 10.01.13
Quality Assurance in Lifelong Learning

This report by the authors Endika Bengoetxea, Outi Kallioinen, Immo Schmidt-Jortzig and Richard Thorn is based on the ENQA workshop on the theme “Quality Assurance in Lifelong Learning” that was held from the 16-17th of May 2011 in Bonn, Germany...

von Nathalie Lugano | 12.08.09
Quality Convergence Study. A contribution to the debates on quality and convergence in the European Higher Education Area

The Quality Convergence Study (QCS) project, a follow-up to a 2002 ENQA survey of quality assurance practices in European countries, was carried out between September 2003 and October 2004. The objective of the QCS project was to study the...

von Nathalie Lugano | 12.08.09
Report to the London conference of ministers on a European Register of Quality Assurance Agencies

Bologna Process ministers of higher education welcomed in 2005 the principle of a European Register of Quality Assurance Agencies. They asked ENQA in cooperation with EUA, EURASHE and ESIB (E4 Group) to develop the practical aspects of the...

von Prof. Dr. Jürgen Enders | 23.08.12
U-Map: A University Profiling Tool 2011 Update Report

At the end of the fourth European Commission supported U-Map project this update report presents the progress that has been made in implementing U-Map. Initial reactions to U-Map have been very promising; representatives of participating...

von Prof. Dr. Jürgen Enders | 23.08.12
U-Map: The European Classification of Higher Education Institutions

This is the third and final report of a multi-year research project on the development of a European classification of higher education institutions funded by the European Commission. The first report Institutional Profiles (van Vught Bartelse et...