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von Nathalie Lugano | 12.08.09
Current Trends in European Quality Assurance

This report is the result of two regional seminars on current trends in European Quality Assurance organised by ENQA in 2007. The seminars were held in Sofia, Bulgaria and
The Holy See, Vatican City. The Sofia seminar was organised in...

von Bernhard Kernegger | 14.03.14
Editorial: In quality (assurance) we trust - don't we?

The concept of quality has always been an important part of academic tradition and it has moved into the focus of international higher education over the last two decades. Some of the reasons for why awareness for quality assurance has expanded...

von Tia Loukkola | 14.03.14
European Quality Assurance from a policy perspective: where did we come from, where are we heading?

The article presents some key developments in quality assurance (QA) on a European level over the last ten years. Particular attention is paid to discussing the impact of European QA policies (e.g. the European Standards & Guidelines) at the...

von Nathalie Lugano | 13.08.09
European Standards and Guidelines in a Nordic Perspective

This report presents the results of the joint 2005–06 project of the Nordic Quality Assurance Network in Higher Education (NOQA). The project focused on the Europeanstandards and guidelines for quality assurance agencies, examining them in a...

von Prof. Dr. Jürgen Enders | 29.08.12
Impact of Quality Assurance on Cross-Border Higher Education

Quality assurance has become a standard instrument of higher education policy since the late 1980s. Quality assurance mechanisms are expected to yield better institutional performance for one of three possible reasons, (a) compliance with the...

von Nathalie Lugano | 12.08.09
Programme-oriented and institutional-oriented approaches to quality assurance: new developments and mixed approaches

This report is the result of an ENQA workshop, hosted by the German Accreditation Council (GAC) in Berlin in June 2008, which gave an opportunity to share experience of linking both programme-oriented and institutional-oriented approaches and to...

von Nathalie Lugano | 10.01.13
Quality Assurance and Qualifications Frameworks: Exchanging Good Practice

This report by the authors Carita Blomqvist, Tony Donohoe, Maria Kelo, Karin Järplid Linde, Rafael Llavori, Bryan Maguire, David Metz and Teresa Sanchez is based on the ENQA workshop “Quality Assurance and Qualifications Frameworks: exchanging...

von Nathalie Lugano | 10.01.13
Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes

This Report by the authors Mark Frederiks, Josep Grifoll, Kirsi Hiltunen, Achim Hopbach is based on the ENQA seminar on "Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes" that was held on 19 September 2011 in Vienna, Austria. The purpose of this seminar was...

von Nathalie Lugano | 10.01.13
Quality Procedures in the European Higher Education Area and Beyond – Visions for the future. Third ENQA Survey

The publication by Josep Grifoll, Achim Hopbach, Helka Kekäläinen, Nathalie Lugano, Christina Rozsnyai and Todor Shopov is the result of the third ENQA survey on quality procedures of quality assurance agencies across Europe and beyond. This...

von Nathalie Lugano | 12.08.09
Report to the London conference of ministers on a European Register of Quality Assurance Agencies

Bologna Process ministers of higher education welcomed in 2005 the principle of a European Register of Quality Assurance Agencies. They asked ENQA in cooperation with EUA, EURASHE and ESIB (E4 Group) to develop the practical aspects of the...