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Working with Research and Development Contracts - ENGLISCHSPRACHIGER WORKSHOP

Veranstalter: zwm
Ort: two-day online-workshop in english language

Background and subject
Cooperation between science and industry is becoming increasingly important and is a critical factor in the innovative capacity of universities, colleges and scientific institutions. Research and development contracts (R&D) play a central role in this regard. These agreements serve to legally safeguard and promote cooperation between the parties. But there are certain pitfalls, both in language and law, that need to be avoided. This workshop provides an overview of key issues concerning such R&D contracts in practice and deals with contract set-up and negotiations as well as related issues of language and law.

The aim of the workshop is
to ensure that the participants
• better understand the importance of the applicable law and language as well as the use of legal terminology,
• gain an insight into the pitfalls of contract drafting in English and the rules of interpretation in R&D, licensing, cooperation and related agreements,
• are able to better set-up, negotiate and develop contracts as well as the related procedures for a “best practice” management of R&D contracts in daily practice,
• have an overview of the regulatory environment surrounding R&D situations (e.g. IP rights, liability etc.) and the resulting impact.

Legal Terminology I Drafting contracts | Types of contract | Template clauses | Warranty | Liability | Licences | Exploitation | Funding conditions | Cooperation

Date and place
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zweitägiger Online-Workshop in englischer Sprache

Stuart G. Bugg, Rechtsanwalt und Solicitor (England und Wales), Anwaltskanzlei Augustin & Bugg, Nürnberg

Veranstaltungsgebühr: 750,- Euro
für ZWM-Mitglieder: 600,- Euro
Tagungspauschale: 200,- Euro brutto (including accomodation and meals)

Workshop Working with Research and Development Contracts - ENGLISCHSPRACHIGER WORKSHOP