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von Nathalie Lugano | 19.11.08
Accreditation Models in Higher Education

ENQA has published its third workshop report, on the contents and results of a seminar on accreditation models. The event has hosted by the Comitato per la Valutazione del Sistema Universitario, an ENQA member agency.

von Dr. Julia Grünenfelder | 12.03.14
Adopting a 'bifocal approach' in Swiss academic mentoring programmes - challenges and opportunities

Mentoring programmes have been accused of inadequately addressing organisations' gendered cultures. In reaction to this, mentoring approaches started applying a dual focus, i. e. targetting both individual development and organisational change....

von Nathalie Lugano | 19.11.08
AQU Catalunya report on assessment and recognition of new study programmes in the EHEA

AQU Catalunya has published the results of the survey »How new study programmes are assessed and recognised in the European Higher Education Area«. The report was published on 21 May 2007. AQU Catalunya carried out an analysis of assessment...

von Prof. Dr. Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia | 18.05.14
Assessing the Quality of the Bachelor Degree Courses: An Analysis of their Effects on Students' Acquisition of Economic Content Knowledge

Quality development in higher education (HE) relies on the assessment, evaluation, and optimisation of university teaching. Only a few studies have evaluated the new bachelor (BA) and master (MA) degree courses in Germany based on an objective...

von Professor Rosalind Pritchard | 24.05.12
British Higher Education: “Exceptionalism” in face of the Bologna Process?

The purpose of the paper is to examine the extent to which the United Kingdom higher education system diverges from that in other countries in the European Higher Education Area. It concludes that the fees and the sometimes ruthless stratagems to...

von Dr. Christina Schoch | 12.03.14
Central Support for Decentralized Mentoring Measures - the Freiburg Approach

The Student Mentoring Competence Network is part of the University of Freiburg's central student services. The mentoring measures accompany students throughout their studies, with the goal of lowering dropout rates, enhancing the attractiveness...

von Prof. Dr. Jürgen Enders | 31.07.09
CHEPS – International Higher Education Monitor. Trend report. Lining up higher education Trends in selected higher education statistics in ten Western countries

Welche Trends lassen sich im Hochschulwesen sowohl auf internationaler (d. h. auf außereuropäischer) als auch auf europäischer Ebene identifizieren? Die vorliegende Publikation greift diese Frage auf, indem sie statistische Angaben über zentrale...

von Michael Leszczensky | 25.02.09
Cross-country comparison of cost-sharing approaches in the Czech Republic, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain

Sowohl der Zugang zum tertiären Bildungsbereich als auch der erfolgreiche Abschluss des Studiums ist auch abhängig vom sozioökonomischen Status der Studienberechtigten resp. der Studierenden. Eine wichtige Frage für Studienberichtigte und...

von Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kreckel | 07.08.08
Current and Future Trends in Higher Education - Summary

What will higher education look like in the future? What changes are higher education systems undergoing currently? In this study, Peer Pasternack et al provide a set of answers. To begin with, they depict changes in the external environments of...

von Prof. Dr. Barbara Kehm | 30.07.08
Developing Doctoral Degrees and Qualifications in Europe. Good Practice and Issues of Concern

Main challenges, needs and trends in the field of doctoral studies in Europe and the United States from the perspective of the requirements of the Bologna Process are identified. A set of recommendations for further developments are formulated in...