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7th Research Framework Programme: Socio-economic sciences and humanities

How to cope with challenges such as growth, employment and competitiveness in today’s knowledge society? The 7th Research Framework Programme launched by the European Commission intends to find answers to this question. To do so, it encouraged international scientists in May and November 2008 to hand in »problem-oriented and policy relevant« proposals on how to develop and implement solutions for the EU’s major challenges. This presentation – given by Jean-Michel Baer in February 2008 – draws a balance of the first year of the research programme. While the overall programme is judged as a success, it would be desirable to see more involvement of international researchers, especially from the new European member states. The presentation is instructive in that it gives a detailed overview of application mechanisms, the different project lines that can be followed as well as the possibilities to further improve the programme in the future.

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