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Cross-disciplinary Communication among Ph.D. Candidates: How to Make it Work

Cross-disciplinary research settings are highly challenging for young scientists. In our research centre, Ph.D. candidates with various disciplinary backgrounds are expected to cooperate. To support cooperation, we designed a Ph.D. programme that fosters cross-disciplinary communication. The programme uses an innovative teaching format that aims to broaden the participants’ understanding of technical basics and to improve their academic teaching skills.
Being faced with dissatisfaction among the Ph.D. candidates at first, we introduced a targeted feedback process that paved the way for successful cross-disciplinary communication and cooperation.

Ein Beitrag von Dr. Ulrike Herzog, Dr. Alette Winter und Prof. Dr. Christian Kautz

Lesen Sie hier auch das Editorial des Themenheftes: Structuring Doctoral Education

Erschienen in: Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung ZFHE Jg.12 / Nr.2 (Juni 2017)