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Initiating academic development - insights from a teaching portfolio pilot project at the University of Graz

In 2015, a teaching portfolio pilot project was conducted at the University of Graz. This workshop report aims at sharing insights and lessons learned from that project, but also tries to outline changes in the European higher education landscape which indicate the usefulness of teaching portfolios as an instrument to support the development of academics. Selected overall project findings are complemented by in-depth reflections of one of the authors who participated in the workshop. This approach was chosen because of the importance of reflection for academic development, but it also affirms the pilot project’s success as it shows how a main objective of the teaching portfolio – to initiate reflection – has been achieved.

Ein Beitrag von Dr. Lisa Scheer, Dr. Gudrun Salmhofer und Eva Seidl (alle Universität Graz).

Erschienen in: Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung ZFHE Jg.11 / Nr.5 (September 2016)