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Understanding Inequalities in, through and by Higher Education

This book is about access—one of the most important and complex issues in higher education today. Its chapters focus on some of the central issues relating to this theme. It seems a contradiction that access would bring inequality to higher education, but that trend is the usual case. Students, and institutions, while catering to mass access, provide vastly different quality, facilities, and focus than do elite institutions at the top, and this gulf has widened as access has expanded worldwide. Furthermore, mass higher education has, for a majority of students worldwide, lowered quality and increased dropout rates. All of these consequences have become inevitable and logical. These effects do not argue against access but rather call for a more realistic understanding of the implications of massification and the steps needed to ameliorate the problems created by dramatic increases in enrollments.

Erschienen in der Reihe: Global Perspectives on Higher Education, Band 21
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