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Integrating Doctoral Training and Strategic Research Direction at UAS - An Implementation Oriented Concept

Entwicklung eines Konzeptes zur Implementierung von Promotionen an Fachhochschulen unter Berücksichtigung der strategischen Forschungsausrichtung

During the last decade, more and more Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in German speakingcountries have started to conduct applied research. As a consequence, they are increasingly engaged in qualifying scientific staff by providing opportunities for doctoral candidates (DCs) to receive a PhD at a university while working at the UAS. However, until now most UAS are still lacking a structured system in which their junior research staff is supported during the PhD. While some disciplines are only marginally affected by these changes in the higher education (HE) systems, psychology as a poly‐paradigmatic discipline is especially challenged. To ensure a further integration of UAS research in psychological research and to secure the concurrent researcher qualification, more strategically oriented approaches need to be developed. In this paper, the case of a school of applied psychology is focussed. First, (1) the political framework and disciplinary specialties are considered. Based on (2) a review of strategy in HE institutions (HEIs) and (3) five explorative interviews with stakeholders from UAS, (4) main pillars of a strategic concept and a framework of a guideline for training DCs are presented. Paper als Poster vorgestellt auf dem EAIR Forum 2013 in Rotterdam, Niederlande