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Internal Quality Assurance and Benchmarking

This report by the authors Douglas Blackstock, Nadine Burquel, Núria Comet, Matti Kajaste, Sérgio Machado dos Santos, Sandra Marcos, Marion Moser, Henry Ponds, Harald Scheuthle and Lius Carlos Velón Sixto is based on the annual ENQA Internal Quality Assurance seminar on the theme of Learning from each other – using benchmarking to develop IQA that was held on 16-17 June 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. It presents a general overview of the benchmarking theme and discusses common features and differences of the benchmarked agencies’ IQA activities in terms of the selected three themes: performance indicators, follow-up on feedback and staff competence/development. The report also puts forward the benchmarking partners’ views on strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for development of each other’s activities, as well as the good practice they have identified on the selected theme.

ENQA Workshop Report 20
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